Mayfair High School

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Keep our students safe when loading and unloading at Mayfair

Lakewood has a child safety law that forbids drivers from letting off or picking up school age children in any way that encourages them to jaywalk through traffic to get to or from school.  Double parking to let kids out into the street as the start of the school day or stopping at the curb across from school and waving children through traffic when school is out are both infractions of the city's code and are punishable by a substantial fine (at minimum $100)  The only safe way to let off or pick up your student is a t the curbside adjacent to the school or at a location near the school where your student can cross at a controlled intersection. 
Please review the following Lakewood Municipal Code - Section 3273:
No person shall stop, park or leave standing any vehicle in the roadway across from any public or private school or the grounds thereof for the purpose of loading or unloading anyone attending school in Grades K-12, where, in order to reach or leave said vehicle from said school or grounds, it is necessary for said pedestrian to walk across said roadway.  This section is inapplicable where traffic at that location is controlled by a traffic officer, a school crossing guard, an official traffic control sign or signal, or there is a marked pedestrian crosswalk, and said pedestrian complies therewith.  Pursuant to Section 1205, violation of this section may be cited as an infraction.